Handmade Grateful Dead Face Mask | Reusable Washable PPE Mask

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Hand Sewn and Dyed PPE Face Masks available for custom order!

We are sewing around the clock and only taking orders we can fill right away!

All masks are hand sewn and dyed by me.

Approximately 7" x 9" mask with 3 pleats and two layers of fabric with 2 (5.5") elastic ear holds on each side to hold it safely in place.

Assorted colors chosen at random.
Grateful Dead and Tie Dye Fabric.

All orders will ship within 3-5 days of order!

* IMPORTANT ORDERING INFO: If you feel like you have a bigger or large size head, please specify EXTRA LONG at checkout! Thanks!

** If ordering for a child, please make a note at checkout! Our child masks are approximately 7 x 5.5 with 2 pleats and elastic.

Thanks and stay well!